Pinterra – High Density Aeroponic Growing System

Humanity’s need to produce tasty & healthy food, while not wasting our precious drink water, is critical to our success.

Vertical Farming is the key, but the way it is being developed today remains faulty, it’s too complex, CAPEX intensive and operationally expensive.

Leveraging Pinterra’s expertise in engineering & science and imagination they have corrected these faults. Making it simple, accessible, and cost effective.

By addressing these weaknesses, Pinterra will prove that vertical farming can change the course of the future of food and that it goes beyond being more than a token sustainability investment.

Aeroponics & Media Free

True high pressure aeroponics with accelerated plant growth in a novel media free environment.

Space & Energy Saving

Space and energy optimizing moving sheet aeroponics. Via expanding growing surface throughout plant life cycle.

Crop Types

Optimized for baby greens, including among others Romaine lettuce, kale, bok choy, arugala. 

Pinterra Model 1251

Pinterra 1251 is a vertical aeroponics system model that yields up to 12,000kg of baby greens per year, occupying a footprint of approximately 5m2 and height of 2.75m. The Pinterra 1251 is a modular and scalable unit, wherein multiple units can be positioned side by side.

Extremely high yields in a small footprint.

Reduced manpower requirement by eliminating grow media, along with a novel seeding and germination process.

Reduced LED light energy cost per kg of produce, enabled by space and energy optimizing expansion sheets.

Baby green produce is fresh, crispy, tasty, without pesticides, and without a need to wash.

Pinterra doesn’t build vertical farms; they create modular ecosystems that will grow to feed humanity.

The Pinterra system leads the market in plant density and yield. It leverages the power of aeroponic technology to deliver a nutrient rich mist that promotes healthy plant growth. It reduces the need for inputs by being completely media free, so no need for soil, coco, rock wool, etc for the crops to grow. The controlled environment of the Pinterra unit manages the optimal light, ventilation, and humidity conditions throughout the crop cycle.

The Pinterra system has been designed to maximise intelligent software and electronics to enable ease of use and data collection. The sensors that are used to control the unit measure temperature, light, humidity, pH, and CO2. It is an IOT based vertical farming ecosystem solution with app interface for ease of use.

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